Bench Drill Motor

  • Model NO.:93ZYT005
  • Commodity:DCBench Drill Motor
  • Brand:Madi
  • Origin:China
  • Minimum order:100 pcs
  • Packing:carton,foam plastic,paperboard and nylon paper
  • Delivery time:30 days after confirmation
  • Supply ability:35,000 pcs/month
  • Quality system and certificate:ISO9001:2000; CCC,CE,RoHS,GS


DC Bench Drill Motor is widely used for executive or driven element in the systems as auto-control, which is mostly used in the Bench Drill Machine, etc.They are self-designed by us, with some advantages such as small volume, light weight, high power, with high serialization and high generalization of the parts etc.

Working conditions:
1. not more than 1000 m above sea level
2. ambient temperature:-5℃~+40℃
3. relative humidity:≤90%(at 25℃)
4.avoid corrosive, combustible and explosive gas.
5.temperature rise: <65K (rated load)

Specifications requirement:
1. VDC: 120V/220V
2.No-load current: ≤1.5A/0.8A
3.No-load rotate speed range: 5600 r/min

Our advantage:
1.high efficiency;
2.low noise(<50dB), long life(>1000h), small volume;
3.high reliability, maintenance free(only change the shaft);
4.smooth running;
5.Customized and Convenience of repair.